Day: September 19, 2009

Man v. God

Darwin may have done religion—and God—a favor by revealing a flaw in modern Western faith. Despite our scientific and technological brilliance, our understanding of God is often remarkably undeveloped—even primitive.

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Health care: all means all

Calling access to healthcare a moral and spiritual imperative, Los Angeles faith leaders held a religious service and launched a phone bank Friday to urge congressional leaders to include illegal immigrants in any healthcare reform plan.

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Saturday collection 9/19

There are 1.5 million pairs of shoes sitting idle in American closets. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church aims to put the ones in eastern North Carolina onto the feet of needy people.

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No such thing as bad publicity

You can hear someone named Jim Naughton discuss the importance of using the opportunities that popular culture provides us to speak about our faith in this podcast from the Alban Institute. The peg is the publication of Dan Brown’s new book about the Freemasons.

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Eternity Happens

You can always tell when Jesus says something truly sensational and scandalous because people respond by searching for rocks to fling at his head. The eighth chapter of the Gospel According to John contains four instances of Jesus saying, “I am,” which is one way Jesus imparts his divine identity to his listeners.

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Repairing the church

Theodore arrived in England on Sunday 27 May 669, a year to the day after he had set out from Rome, and Hadrian arrived the following year. We can scarcely imagine their first impressions of England, though the sight of tiny wooden churches dotting the landscape must surely have evoked memories in Theodore of Hagia Sophia and Hagia Eirene in Constantinople, . . . and of the great basilican churches in Rome.

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