Day: September 23, 2009

Pope to visit UK in 2010

Pope Benedict’s visit would only be the second by a head of the Catholic Church since Henry VIII declared himself head of the church in England more than 500 years ago.

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Discernment South Carolina style

The Bishop is encouraging parishes to hold informative meetings prior to the convention so that individuals are well-informed on the issues. Elizabeth Pennewill, the diocese’s Consultant for Congregational Leadership, has written a helpful piece, “The Landscape has Changed.”

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Colorado property dispute costly; Armstrong arraignment hearing

St. George’s Anglican Church [CANA] — a congregation that started as a breakaway group from the Episcopal church — asked its members for a one-time family donation of $1,500 each to defray about $750,000 in legal costs, as well as tens of thousands in fees that were assessed as part of a settlement. On the other side, the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado spent $2.9 million to defend against the Anglican parish’s lawsuit to take possession of downtown property, diocese financial records show.

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CANA says Episcopal Church a cause of growth in Islam

The Anglican enclave planted in the United States by the Nigerian Church has accused the Episcopal Church of unintentionally encouraging conversions to Islam by moving away from a simple message and liturgy. The Convocation of Anglicans in North America (Cana) says women are marrying Muslim men partly because of the dearth of marriageable men in their own churches.

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Audacity, tenacity, physicality–prayer

How’s your prayer life? Anyone here satisfied with your prayer life? I have spent 20 years in parish ministry, and never yet has someone plopped down next to me and said, “You know what Bonnie? I’ve got this killer prayer life.”

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The way liturgy works

If roteness is a danger, it is also the way liturgy works. When you don’t have to think all the time about what words you are going to say next, you are free to fully enter into the act of praying; you are free to participate in the life of God.

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