Discernment South Carolina style

As previously reported, the Diocese of South Carolina will hold a special convention on October 24th to consider several resolves for dis-engagement stopping short of leaving The Episcopal Church.

The September/October issue of Jubilate Deo, the newsletter of the diocese has more:

The Bishop is encouraging parishes to hold informative meetings prior to the convention so that individuals are well-informed on the issues. Elizabeth Pennewill, the diocese’s Consultant for Congregational Leadership, has written a helpful piece, “The Landscape has Changed,” which begins on page 14 of this issue. She has also prepared a helpful PowerPoint presentation that churches are urged to view. It may be downloaded at www.elizabethpennewill.blogspot.com. Ann Harrington also prepared an informative timeline which may be downloaded from the same location. Additional background resources are listed on page 15 at the conclusion of “The Landscape has Changed.”

In other circles this is called priming the pump.

As demonstrated by their care over discernment and voting, the dissidents in The Episcopal Church have learned one lesson well from the most recent SCOTUS [Jones v. Wolf, (1979)] opinion on church property disputes: be deliberate. If you want to win, it is necessary (but not sufficient) that it can be verified that you have the majority faction. The Diocese of South Carolina is not talking openly about following Fort Worth and Pittsburgh for now — it’s talking about an alternative that is neither in nor out — but if the resolutions before special convention pass it will be treading very close to the line.

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