Day: September 28, 2009

Religious voices cooperating on Climate Change

In a somewhat surprising development, given the secular world’s decision to use climate change as a political “sorting hat” of people into camps of good and bad party members, the religious community seems to have found broad based agreement and is now working in concert to lobby in Washington.

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Bishop Scarfe writes on disagreement and common purpose

For every faith community, marriage exists not only to protect but to reveal the deeper connection of God’s love for us. It is precisely as such that it is as important an institution to same-gender couples as it is to heterosexual couples in those same faith communities. Faith, however, demands more of us.

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Ecology, prayer and belief

A faith centered on the Cross should give us deeper insight into human brokenness — alienation from the natural world, estrangement from the creatures that share our planet. This is the brokenness underlying resistance, indifference and apathy in the face of the ecological crisis.

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Affectivity in prayer

In the late fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, there was in England no more highly esteemed devotional writer than Walter Hilton, author of the massive Scale of Perfection. The appeal of this masterwork over the centuries owes much to the exceptional breadth of Hilton’s teaching.

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Man who asked, Is God Dead?, dead at 78

Gabriel Vahanian suggests that there may well be no true faith without a measure of doubt, and thus contemporary Christian worry about God could be a necessary and healthy antidote to centuries in which faith was too confident and sure. Perhaps today, the Christian can do no better than echo the prayer of the worried father who pleaded with Christ to heal his spirit-possessed son: “I believe; help my unbelief.” – John T. Elson

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