Day: November 5, 2009

Andrew Sullivan is fed up

“It is time to acknowledge that the Catholic church hierarchy can no longer pretend that it isn’t the active enemy of gay people and our families,” says Sullivan

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The lessons of Three Cups of Tea

However one defines family, do you really value your family enough to sacrifice a long-cherished ambition for their well-being? Theologically, sharing the Eucharist is analogous to that third cup of tea. Yet for how many of the people who share in the Eucharist, whether locally or globally, am I willing to die? Like Mortenson, I can benefit from lessons in valuing family.

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All are united with all

If we seriously believe that the redemptive power of Christ’s death and resurrection works backwards in time as well as forwards, we must not narrow the scope of God’s activity and God’s love. All are united with all. Those whom the Churches officially recognize as “Saints” are simply those in whom the Christian people recognize some outstanding manifestation of the one life in Christ which is common to all. It is because all are called to be saints, that the Church is able to recognize in some the outstanding generosity of response to a call which all share.

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