Rick Warren quiet on Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

There has been deafening silence from many prominent religious voices about the proposed new Ugandan Anti-Gay Law which would authorize life imprisonment and even execution for gays and lesbians. Rick Warren has worked closely with Henry Orombi, Archbishop of the Anglican Province of Uganda, and with ACNA which is recognized by the province. The Cafe reported on these relationships HERE and HERE.

Warren is attempting to disavow association with the Ugandan bill by saying he’s disassociating himself with pastor Martin Ssema but has deflected inquiries about his relationship with Archbishop Orombi.

Rick Warren has spoken out against homosexuality to Ugandans, but does he favor life imprisonment or execution for gays? Will Rick Warren break his silence and criticize Archbishop Orombi?

Sarah Posner writes in ReligionDispatches:

Uganda is considering passage of a bill that would, among other things, authorize sentences of life imprisonment for gay sex, the death penalty for HIV positive individuals who have sex, and criminalize LGBT rights organizing.

Political Research Associates, which researches right-wing movements, has called on Purpose-Driven Life author and megachurch pastor Rick Warren to denounce the proposed law.

Warren’s spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment about his relationship with Orombi. . . According to the Christian Post, Orombi spearheaded efforts to bring Warren to Uganda to make it a “purpose-driven nation.” Orombi has stoked anti-gay sentiment in Uganda, and has claimed that homosexuals want to kill him. “Homosexuals are agitating that it is a human right. But how can it be a human right for a man to sleep with another man or a woman to marry a woman?” Orombi said last year, adding, “What we need is to wake up and protect our church and children against this practice.”

The Episcopal Cafe’s own Jim Naughton was also quoted in the article:

Jim Naughton, . . . noted that Warren has allied himself with the three percent of Episcopalians who have joined more conservative churches in the Anglican Communion over gay ordination. About Warren’s refusal to denounce the bill, Naughton said, “what does it say if you’re unwilling to say that the state shouldn’t execute homosexuals?”

No one at ACNA has had comment about the Ugandan bill either.

Thinking Anglicans has a new roundup on the Ugandan bill.

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