Day: November 21, 2009

Rowan tweaks Benedict on unity, women’s ordination

Updated. Reuters and the New York Times read the speech that the Archbishop of Canterbury gave at the Vatican this week as both a defense of the Anglican Communion and a mild rebuke of the Roman Catholic approach to ecumenism. The Times of London wants him to be tougher. Bishop Alan Wilson says the speech signals another kind of unity.

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Vandalism against All Saints, Chicago, soup kitchen

The vandals had apparently read a New York Times’ story, which said the the soup kitchen saved Chicago’s poor from “drowning.” The vandals knocked out one pane of a stained glass window and slid a garden hose through the opening. One third of the sanctuary sustained water damage.

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The future of theological education

An excellent conversation about the future of seminary and graduate level theological education has broken out in the comment trail of our item about the recent layoffs at the Seminary of the Southwest, including comments from Marshall Scott, Michael Russell, seminarian Jim White and Elizabeth Butler of Seabury Western.

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Outside a world of wealth stands the reality of hunger

Whatever the weather, they await the opening of a food pantry run by All Saints Episcopal Church, right across the street from a seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 6,000-square-foot home with a wraparound porch, a two-bedroom coach house, gated private driveway and what refined members of the propertied class know as a porte-cochere.

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In praise of music

To an age like ours, fascinated with alienation and marginalization, Byrd presents an intriguing dilemma. Revered by his contemporaries and honored by his chief employer, Queen Elizabeth, he appears in some lights as the perfect royal musician, writing on order for the newly established Church of England as well as clothing courtiers’ ditties in substantial if often rather sober musical garb.

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