Day: November 30, 2009

Anderson condemns Uganda anti-gay law

Episcopal Church House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson has condemed the pending Ugandan legislation that would imprison for life or execute people who violate that country’s anti-homosexuality laws.

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ECVA – Full Of Grace

Many of you have commented on the beautiful art work that is a regular part of the Cafe pages and Art Blog. The art is provided to us by the ECVA, the “Episcopal Church & Visual Arts” which among its many projects, creates regular online curated art exhibits. This season’s exhibit: “Full of Grace” has just gone online.

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The Swiss vote to ban minarets

Yesterday, Swiss voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on the construction of any minarets in the country. The minaret is to a mosque what a steeple is to a church, a clear architectural sign of the building’s use and purpose. Effectively the ban will have the effect of hiding any public sense of the presence of Muslim believers in Switzerland.

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Statement from the Episcopal Church of Sudan

The Sudanese have issued a wide ranging statement primarily concerned with the looming collapse of the comprehensive peace agreement but also warning of famine and environmental disaster unless changes are made.

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Feeding ministries abound and offend

Some communities are working closely with congregations to respond to rising hunger and homelessness. But there are more stories about how communities are trying to stop congregations and shut down feeding programs. Is something changing in this country?

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Leaving all behind

Someone may wonder: At the Lord’s beckoning, what or how much did these two fishermen, who scarcely had anything, leave behind? On this, my beloved, we should attend to one’s intention rather than one’s wealth.

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