ECVA – Full Of Grace

Many of you have commented on the beautiful art work that is a regular part of the Cafe pages and Art Blog. The art is provided to us by the ECVA, the “Episcopal Church & Visual Arts” which among its many projects, creates regular online curated art exhibits.

This season’s exhibit is entitled “Full of Grace” and has the following introductory statement by the Curator Moses Hoskins:

“As I noted earlier in the call for entries, the term ‘grace’ has many definitions. Grace, as a spiritual phenomena, is unique in the experience of each individual, elusive and enigmatic — challenging ‘material’ as a subject for the visual artist .

The presentation of the exhibition is in the format of a slide show. Due to overall divergence among individual pieces a deliberate sequence was established so that there would be common links from one adjacent image to another. Sometimes this is evident in literal thematic similarities and in other instances through visual resemblance such as color or other traits of composition, some more subtle than others. It is intended that a narrative evolve, implied in a unified sequence of eclectic visual stimuli.

At any rate, the work speaks for itself and is offered to enrich any viewer’s Advent experience.

Grace be unto you.

Carry on.”

See the exhibit here.

You may leave comments on the exhibit site, or if you’d like, we’d be grateful for a posted review here.

And while we’re talking about the Arts, do check out this essay entitled “Beyond Aesthetics” on the Art Blog by ECVA president Mel Ahlborn:

For the individual within a community, art offers a means of recognition and self-identification within a larger body. On a global scale, art offers a visual language for cross-cultural appreciation of the varied expressions of religious devotion and piety in our current global narrative.

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