Year: 2009

WCC secretary general writes President of Uganda

World Council of Churches general secretary, The Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia, from the Methodist Church in Kenya has written a Letter to the Uganda President. The letter raises concerns regarding the Anti Homosexuality Bill. The WCC brings together 349 Protestant, Orthodox, Anglican and other churches representing more than 560 million Christians in over 110 countries.

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Anglicanism gives way to Democratic Centralism

Doesn’t it just look like a Politburo! Democratic centralism is a means by which one layer of a party (which is infused into a bureaucracy) elects the next layer up, but we all know how that conserves a system. It also hands out edicts, from the top down.

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The clothing of the poor

“He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities.” It should be noted that the sign given of the Savior’s birth is not a child enfolded in Tyrian purple, but one wrapped in rough pieces of cloth.

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A home for the holidays in Nazareth

Just in time for Christmas, archaeologists on Monday unveiled what may have been the home of one of Jesus’ childhood neighbors. The humble dwelling is the first dating to the era of Jesus to be discovered in Nazareth, then a hamlet of around 50 impoverished Jewish families where Jesus spent his boyhood.

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President Obama and the Baby Jesus

When he asked the children why Christmas is celebrated, one of them piped up: “The birth of baby Jesus.” Obama agreed, adding that “what he symbolizes for people all around the world is the possibility of peace, and people treating each other with respect.”

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Celebration in 4 languages

Entangled States blog reports on a joyfilled Advent 4 service held in 4 languages in Phoenix: Members of the Sudanese congregation lead the processional with

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