Year: 2009

A church in persecution

The little Mission Church of St. Stephen’s was opened on the 1st January, 1872, and from time to time converts were baptized, and the little assembly of believers increased. But the superstition of the priests and their votaries constantly made the little church the object of their persecuting hatred. Again and again its members were compelled to meet in the secrecy of the forest for prayer. The hour of martyrdom had come; some few could not stand the test, but very many gloriously held faithful to their Lord.

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Love came down at Christmas

I looked out at the congregation, most in wheelchairs, some not able to speak out loud, but God was there – in their eyes, in their smiles, in the Spirit of Love that connected all of us. We blessed the bread and the wine and as communion was distributed, we sang more Christmas carols. We thanked God for the meal and for sending Love down to dwell among us and closed with a rousing verse and chorus of Angels we Have Heard on High.

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Death and taxes meet again

One wealthy, terminally ill real-estate entrepreneur has told his doctors he is determined to live until the law changes. “Whenever he wakes up,” says his lawyer, “He says: ‘What day is it? Is it Jan. 1 yet?'”

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What Horowitz learned about compassion

Is it wise, I asked, “to put our trust in strangers, or to love our enemies as ourselves? Would we advise our children to do so?” Then came a passage to which my daughter Sarah took great exception: “I cannot embrace this radical faith,” I wrote. “I feel no kinship with those who can cut short a human life without remorse; or with terrorists who target the innocent; or with adults who torment small children for the sexual thrill. I suspect no decent soul does either.”

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PB increases her attention

Over the years you may have encountered snarky comments around the web about our presiding bishop’s pattern of doing embroidery in meetings. Katharine Jefferts Schori

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