Year: 2009

Cantaur and Ebor critique Zimbabwe

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have come out and condemned the actions of government of Zimbabwe over Christmas weekend as Anglican churchgoers were not allowed to freely attend worship services.

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More from Uganda

The Assistant bishop of Kampala speaks out about how American lobbying efforts against the proposed legislation against gay and lesbian people in Uganda are being perceived within Uganda.

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Did the Prosperity Gospel cause the market crash?

Immanent Frame has gone and collected the thoughts of some of the country’s leading religion scholars regarding the charges made by Hannah Rosin in the Atlantic that the economic collapse was due in part to the American Prosperity Gospel’s teaching of material blessing of the faithful.

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Quiet providence

There is something else here worth noticing, one touching the magi and the other touching the Child. The issue is why didn’t the magi remain with the Child? And why didn’t the Child remain in Bethlehem? Both had to escape as fugitives shortly after they were received with joy: the magi to Persia and the holy family to Egypt.

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O little town, how still we see thee lie

Small-community churches have seen such slippage that many are now on the verge of extinction. In the face of that threat, and confronting questions about closing or consolidating, some are fighting to retain their place.

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Christmas in Iraq

Here in the U.S., we are accustomed to all manner of Christmas displays, from gentle creche exhibits to gaudy Christmas lights set to blink in

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