Year: 2009

Eternity on the horizon

As when our ship is near shore and cities and ports pass in view before us that on the open sea vanish and leave nothing to fix the eye on, so the Evangelist here takes us with him in his flight above the created world leaving the eye to gaze upon emptiness and an unlimited expanse. . . .

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Holy Innocents

Any historical basis for the wise men visiting or the slaughtering of male children in Bethlehem seems relatively unimportant for twenty-first century Christianity. Children are precious and vulnerable. Too many children are hungry, sick, homeless, abused, and unloved. Children die every day whose lives we could save for just pennies.

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Christianity and The Blind Side

Michael Oher’s adoptive mom Leigh Anne Tuohy, with her expensive car, dolled-up appearance and don’t-mess-with-me attitude may seem more southern belle than follower of Christ, but Sandra Bullock thinks Tuohy is the real deal. Still, she was initially reluctant to portray her in The Blind Side

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Saturday Collection 12/26/09

On the day after we commemorate the night on which there was no room in the inn, it seems appropriate to dedicate the Saturday Collection to service around the country memorializing those who died homeless.

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Mama Irene saves Christmas

It’s a Christmas shopping spree. Hundreds of people line up outside St. Philip’s Episcopal Church on a mission to find toys. “It’s very fun because 3 and 4 year olds, I have a 3-year-old nephew, it’s exciting to help kids because they’re so happy about it,” said Kissimee Herring who spent the day helping people pick out toys.

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Crowned on high

The Greek word Stephen means “crowned” in Latin. In a very beautiful way he anticipated by the portent of his name what he was about to experience in reality—“abjectly stoned but crowned on high.” In Hebrew, however, his name means “your norm.” Whose norm, if not that of the subsequent martyrs, for whom, by being the first to suffer, he became the model of dying for Christ? . . .

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Room at the pub?

Thick stone pillars form a solid archway and the rough-hewn oak door opens to the sort of Nativity scene that has mesmerised people for more than 2,000 years.

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