Day: January 3, 2010

Sunday social hour

Facebook readers also posted some of their favorites from 2009. Jim Beyer thought the headline “Covenant Farce Continues in Face of Schism” was a self-explanatory encapsulation of the big story from 2009, while Sandy Smolinski noted the Pope’s welcoming of disgruntled Episcopalians. Michael Cudney points to the disavowal of B033 at General Convention, saying “all else flows from that.”

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Another Nigerian bishop who is very fond of himself

“The Anglican Church today is in the forefront of fighting against cultism, making people to swear oaths that they don’t belong to cult and will never belong to cult. We are the first to do that. We led Nigeria to that. We are the only people in the world, to the best of my knowledge, fighting against evil in the world, against this homosexuality in America, other churches are keeping quite.”

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The path to Jerusalem

The Lord’s coming every year to Jerusalem for the Passover with his parents is an indication of his human humility. It is characteristic of human beings to gather to offer God the votive offerings of spiritual sacrifices, and by plentiful prayers and tears to dispose their Maker toward them. Therefore the Lord, born a human being among human beings, did what God, by divine inspiration through his angels, prescribed for human beings to do. He himself kept the law which he gave in order to show us,

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