Day: January 7, 2010

Bishop Charles Jenkins retires

Bishop Charles Jenkins on Wednesday entered his cathedral for the last time as head of Louisiana’s 18,000 Episcopalians, leading a celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany.

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Epiphany celebrations

If left to our own devices, the Yule season would continue at least until Groundhog’s Day. But alas, this Christmas holiday went up in smoke last night . . .

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Seven people killed in Egypt church

Three men in a car sprayed automatic gunfire into a crowd of churchgoers in southern Egypt as they left a midnight Mass for Coptic Christmas, killing at least seven people in a drive-by shooting.

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Dear Episcopal Cafe, Happy New Year! Deirdre Good I’ve been in the UK this Christmas. I arrived just before the snowfall that closed Heathrow for

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The power and wisdom of God

Epiphany—the shining forth of Christ to the Gentiles, to the wider world beyond the chosen people of the Old Testament, the Old Covenant. . . .The Gentiles who find the great light are those who come a long way from where they started and are not afraid of making fools of themselves and, finally, are ready to return to their homes by another way, a way that runs clean counter to the plans of King Herod and the rest of the powers that be.

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