English bishop encourages young people to priesthood

The British Bishop of Litchfield is working to convince young people to consider the priesthood in the Church of England using video, web presence and other means…

Bishop seeks to attract more young Christians to priesthood

From ChristianToday.com

The Bishop of Lichfield is encouraging young Christians mulling their future course in life to consider becoming a priest in the Church of England.

The Rt Rev Jonathan Gledhill today launched a recruitment drive across the Diocese of Lichfield to increase the number of 18 to 35-year-olds offering themselves for full-time service in the Church.

His message to young Christians is: “Don’t settle for anything less than God’s best.”

“One of the most satisfying careers of all is to spend one’s creative energies in building Christian community: in preaching and teaching the Christian faith, leading worship, making new disciples, transforming communities,” the bishop told reporters.

“It is a way to become rich beyond one’s wildest dreams; not financially but in every other way, as all the surveys show.”

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