Day: January 27, 2010

Don’t ask, don’t tell

The Washington Post is reporting: President Obama will call for a repeal of the law that forbids openly gay and lesbian people from serving in

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CBS will take your money now

In 2004, CBS said it was rejecting the UCC’s “Bouncer” ad as “too controversial” because it allegedly advocated same-sex marriage. The UCC maintained this was a gross mischaracterization of the ad’s intent that all people should be welcome in the church. The church quickly filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission, a petition that was dismissed by FCC staff in 2007.

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Teens subject to reproductive coercion

The teenage pregnancy rate in the US is up after a 10 year decline. One year does not a trend make. The larger question is why is the US teen pregnancy rate so high? An understudied factor is manipulation of teenage females by older males.

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“Don’t forget, it’s our country.
It’s not yours”

We know we need help, but this is our plan. This is our vision of Haiti in 25 years to come. So, help us. I may follow your advice, but don’t tell me, do this or do that because it’s your vision. I may be wrong. You may be wrong also. So, let’s discuss that. But don’t forget, it’s my country. It’s not yours.

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Of creeds and covenants

If my homiletical foot has slipped out of place, or if I have broken a boundary on the way to making some point, I take great comfort that the Creed is there to suggest what is normative. In that moment, the Creed is the remembering of a grace-giving Law.

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Early witnesses to the faith

In Phoebe we have evidence that women were traveling missionaries, deacons, and leaders, whose authority and importance were recognized by Paul as well as by Christian communities in the fifties.

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