“Don’t forget, it’s our country.
It’s not yours”

Ray Saurez, PBS NewsHour reporter and Episcopalian, was in Cange yesterday and filed this report on its Episcopal hospital [transcript]:

RAY SUAREZ: The Haitian Episcopal priest who founded this operation, Father Fritz Lafontant, brought prayers and song to the quake victims packing his little hospital. Quietly singing along was a young seminarian, Ben-Jean Falot. The 29-year-old had just finished making a presentation at a seminar when the quake began. He was trapped in the rubble for 18 hours, and lost his right arm.

Dr. David Walton is American. He’s spent most of his adult life caring for the people of Haiti. Eight months of the year, he works for Partners in Health, an American medical NGO, its mission, assist Haitian doctors and nurses and an overburdened ministry of health by helping create, not impose, solutions.

DR. ALIX LASSEGUE: We know we need help, but this is our plan. This is our vision of Haiti in 25 years to come. So, help us. I may follow your advice, but don’t tell me, do this or do that because it’s your vision. I may be wrong. You may be wrong also. So, let’s discuss that. But don’t forget, it’s my country. It’s not yours.

The Diocese of Upper South Carolina has a 30 year ministry in Cange with the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti and its partners Father Fritz Lafontant and Dr. Paul Farmer of Partners in Health. Farmer spoke with Saurez on the NewsHour the day before,

Bishop Whalon echoed these sentiments here

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