Day: February 2, 2010

Church of Doritos Super Bowl Ad

… the LA church, a congregation full of hip twenty-somethings who mostly work in the film industry and make short films for a hobby, is taking a different tack. They were careful to stick to the quirky, slapstick-style humor that’s expected by Super Bowl fans.

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The Pope’s plans for the UK and Anglicans

Benedict blasted proposed laws before the British Parliament that are intended to prevent employers from denying jobs to applicants on the grounds of gender, sexuality, age or race. Current legislation exempts religious organizations, but the planned new law would effectively apply to lay people employed by churches.

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The bizarre world of conversion therapy in the UK

And with the help of the American conversion therapy movement, practitioners here, along with a clutch of international “conversion” organisations, are becoming co-ordinated and unified. They plan to gain credibility, university backing and government funding. In some cases, the NHS is even paying for the treatment.

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Reaping and sowing in Nigeria

An al Qaeda group in North Africa has offered to give Nigerian Muslims training and weapons to fight Christians in the West African country, where more than 460 people were killed in sectarian clashes last month.

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A lesson in peaceful living

The Nunc Dimittis is ultimately a song about realizing personal inner tranquility and restfulness—as we see a spiritual calm brought to Simeon’s life. This is why it has been traditionally used during Evening Prayer services, as the day closes for the night’s rest. During the season of Lent our church in Cairo has a midweek contemplative service of Compline. For those who come,

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