Day: February 14, 2010

ALERT: Haiti fraud emails

The Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs has issued this warning about fraudulent emails asking for donations to Haiti: Subject: Fraudulent emails circulating concerning Haiti

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Who was Saint Valentine?

You could spend all day researching the question, but probably, the simplest answer is the more correct one. (Thanks, William of Ockham!)

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Alone before the almighty

The call of the hermit, of the solitary, is a call from and to Authenticity. How can you respond to the True God truly and truthfully? I know this all sounds like an academic question, or perhaps a niche topic for a bunch of cave-dwelling hermits. But I have come to believe this is the question facing all Christians. And the answer is authenticity.

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Through death to glory

Jesus is praying, and the light shines on his face. We do not know that it is a prayer of agony and conflict like the prayer in Gethsemane, but we know that it is a prayer near to the radiance of God and the prayer of one who has chosen the way of death. Luke tells us that the two witnesses were conversing about the exodus which Jesus would accomplish in Jerusalem: not the death alone,

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