With Google all things are possible

Not to get, err, overly cheeky, but we got lured into clicking on Simon Sarmiento‘s Saturday tweet and just had to share.

I always was a bit worried that ACNA wasn’t what it seemed, now I have found out why (thanks SueM) http://pages.infinit.net/acna/

Not to strip ACNA of their dignity. This sort of thing happens all the time, with barely a stitch of irony.

No, really. This one-time webmaster worked in the ’90s for a public-health nonprofit with the initials AWWA (for American Water Works Association). Web-searching all possible permutations of the name was part of the job. One afternoon I stumbled across information for the Asian Women’s Welfare Association, the Armenian Women’s Welfare Association, and the Army Wives Welfare Association of India. A seminarian-to-be got quite an education.

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