Day: February 26, 2010

Religion and homophobia in Africa

The debate over the proposed Ugandan “kill-the-gays” bill has increased homophobia in eastern Africa as well as increasing calls to end homophobic laws and practices in those nations.

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Perkins disinvited to speak at Air Force prayer event

After President Obama called for the end of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins began a fundraising and petition drive to keep the rule in place. He is now shocked, shocked!, that his public opposition got his invitation to speak at an Air Force prayer luncheon withdrawn by the military.

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Obama’s private faith—and ours.

A year ago, people wondered which church the Obamas would attend when they came to Washington. It appears that the President has decided to marshal the resources of the presidency to pursue a more private, and distinctly American, expression of faith.

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The saints of Black History Month

Janani Luwum, the martyred Archbishop of Uganda (feast day, Feb. 17), was recently added to our liturgical calendar. He denounced the brutality of Idi Amin, Uganda’s dictator, and asserted the right of the church to promote justice and protect the oppressed. Summoned to the presidential palace, Luwum went boldly, declaring “I can see the hand of God in this.”

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Vital refreshment

On the fiftieth anniversary of the Society of Companions of the Holy Cross, Father J. O. S. Huntington, O.H.C., conducted a Retreat. At the last breakfast, at which Emily Malbone Morgan, Founder of the Society, was not present, Father Huntington spoke as follows: “I am glad that Miss Morgan is not with us this morning,

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