Remote meetings on-line in Iowa

We noticed a news release from a company called that describes how the Diocese of Iowa is using their service to hold meetings across a wide geographic area on-line in real time and we are impressed.

Located in the “Heartland of America”, Iowa is known for its rural topography and its bleak harsh winters. This makes it difficult for organizations to conduct business during the winter season. By using’s Video and Web Conferencing solution, The Episcopal Diocese of Iowa has found a way to fool Mother Nature and stay connected with their members; making distance and weather conditions inconsequential.

According to Anne Wagner, Operations Manager of the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa, “MegaMeeting has allowed us to hold meetings that otherwise would have been canceled due to distance or weather. It allows people with valuable input to participate in meetings that otherwise could not due to time, distance, and cost. A big plus is that it is internet-based so that participants do not have to download anything to their computer.”

While we can’t vouch for the product, we applaud the approach of finding new ways to build up our common life.

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