Day: May 5, 2010

Bennison appeal: media reports

Attorneys for the Episcopal Church and for Diocese of Pennsylvania Bishop Charles Bennison argued before an ecclesiastical appeals court … May 4 about whether the

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Phoenix to wear ‘Los Suns’ jerseys

The owner of the Phoenix Suns condemns Arizona’s immigration law, and expresses solidarity with the Hispanic community. The team will wear ‘Los Suns’ jersey in today’s game 2 playoff with the Spurs. Robert Sarver decided – with unanimous support from his players – that the Suns would wear their “Los Suns” jerseys for Game 2 tonight on Cinco de Mayo.

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Where are the women?

When we think about groups in the history of spirituality that did not fit, one of the unavoidable questions is: where are the women? The priorities of clerical élites and uniformity made lay people in general an “under class” but, as we focus on women in particular, these priorities are expressed primarily by the dominance of male experience over female.

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Daily prayer that works for us

I must confess, it was different that the priest, me, wasn’t in charge. I have a liturgist’s determination about what shared prayer should look like. Ellen took a different tack, “We’re going to keep this really simple. Let’s just read some Bible and a couple of psalms, have some silence, offer intercessions as we’re moved to, and say the Lord’s Prayer.”

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