Phoenix to wear ‘Los Suns’ jerseys

The owner of the Phoenix Suns condemns Arizona’s immigration law, and expresses solidarity with the Hispanic community.

The team will wear ‘Los Suns’ jersey in today’s game 2 playoff with the Spurs. Robert Sarver decided – with unanimous support from his players – that the Suns would wear their “Los Suns” jerseys for Game 2 tonight on Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday.

The gesture, which came with the blessing of the NBA and the league’s players union, reflects Sarver’s belief that passing Senate Bill 1070 was not “the right way to handle the immigration problem, Number 1,” he said. “Number 2, as I read through the bill, it felt to me a little bit like it was mean-spirited, and I personally just don’t agree with it.”

General Manager Steve Kerr said the Suns are prepared for a backlash but felt it was their “duty” to address a national issue during the nationally televised platform of the NBA playoffs.

“It’s hard to imagine in this country that we have to produce papers,” Kerr said. “It rings up images of Nazi Germany. We understand that the intentions of the law are not for that to happen, but you have to be very, very careful. . . . It’s important that everyone in our state and nation understands this is an issue that needs to be explored. So, we’re trying to expose it.”

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