Day: May 14, 2010

Stop making Nazi comparisons

As bad as the law is, to compare Arizona’s tough new immigration law with Nazi Germany is “inappropriate and irresponsible, ” says The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles

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UK Greenbelt Festival boycott backfires?

The Greenbelt festival is a music and arts festival for Christians that takes place in the middle of August in the UK. Many Christian groups, musicians, and speakers representing a broad spectrum of Christianity take part. Recently, some evangelicals have been unhappy with their choice of speakers and have begun to boycott the festival. Strangely, when these groups call for a boycott, ticket sales go up.

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Making a home for artists and writers in the Church

Sometimes a tradition begins by accident. I was thirty-five years old, and eighteen months into founding our new congregation, and I invited congregants to a weekend silent retreat I’d hoped to launch a practice of silent retreats in my new congregation. The Spirit had something else in mind.

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Charity for all

When I asked what I was to speak about today, the suggestion was made I talk about the roots, or beginnings, of the Social Security Act. So I have thought about the roots. I suppose the roots—the idea that we ought to have a systematic method of taking care of the material needs of the aged—really springs from that deep well of charitableness which resides in the American people,

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