Day: May 16, 2010

What more than love?

“I do not think going off in a little partisan group with all of your exact, like-minded friends and proclaiming yourself right and everyone else wrong, or yourself saved and everyone else damned, is particularly courageous.”

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Sunday Social Hour

After several weeks of feed issues persisting in Facebook, we’re starting to see it work again. Twitter has been working fine all along, so with that in mind, here’s what’s been happening in our social media spaces lately.

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Jesus Christ is Lord of The Episcopal Church and of All Creation

Our Deputies in General Convention, our bishops, all are, but they never stand in Christ’s stead. We have no vicar of Christ. No one stands in Christ’s place. Rather as our priests present to us, each of us as creatures of God’s singing, as members of Christ’s own Body redeemed point to and profess and proclaim and bless our one Lord in all things.

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