Sunday Social Hour

After several weeks of feed issues persisting in Facebook, we’re starting to see it work again. Two things to note: Right now, there are only Lead posts piping in to Facebook, so be sure not to forget to check Daily Episcopalian, Speaking to the Soul and the other Cafe blogs hosted here. Also, the feed is not checking as regularly, so there have been gluts of post from time to time, making seem like a bad feast-famine cycle is in effect. As always, posts should appear here without any problem, and the feed seems to work in Twitter just fine.

Now and then, a post makes it out on the feed, but later corrections or additions are made to the post which do not go out on the feed. It was interesting to see a little crowdsourced editorial work going on with what first was titled “Tutu says boycotting Arizona is not the answer,” and became “Tutu: “I do not disagree” with calls for Arizona boycott“. Sharp-eyed Twitter readers helped point out the needed correction, but may not have noticed that it was, indeed, made.

To the “Hipster Christians” entry dgbwdn replies, “hipster xtians just seem to be more fashionably dressed versions of what liturgical churches were doing 50 years ago.” A number of Facebook readers took the quiz and seemed to be surprised with their results, with a 14-year-old expressing his “eeehhh”-ness at a score of 66 and another reader touting her 80 with the disclaimer, “must be the years of listening to the kids’ Xian rock.” But as one person put it, the quiz “showed me how old I am, but also how “fundamentalist” I am NOT.”

We look forward to seeing you back around our Facebook page and always appreciate the RTs on Twitter.

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