Day: August 11, 2010

Ordained into the abstract: what does “Anglican” mean?

Likewise, similar designations need to be applied to those Anglican clergy who belong to organizations and individuals who might call themselves Anglican but chose to cut themselves off from the Anglican Communion. Depicting those evangelical and traditionalists as Anglicans whitewashes centuries of church history by replacing the work of Anglican giants such as Richard Hooker with evangelical heavyweights like John Stott.

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Giving leaves her happy

As the months passed, out went stacks of sweaters, shoes, books, pots and pans, even the television after a trial separation during which it was relegated to a closet. Eventually, they got rid of their cars, too.

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ACC Constitution: interview with legal adviser

The incorporation of the ACC as a limited company does not subject the ACC to UK or EU equalities legislation to which it would not otherwise have been subject. The Church of England has played a major part, with other churches in the UK, in achieving and preserving certain exclusions for itself…

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Praying “Abba, father”

Familiarity is not the only obstacle to overcome. Feminist scholars have rightly put into question a one-sidedly masculine image of God. We need a broader spectrum of images, including feminine ones. Good examples are given in the Scriptures. But we ought not to lose sight of what “Abba, Father” meant to Jesus or underestimate the significance of the prayer he taught us.

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I bless you

I, Clare, a handmaid of Christ, a little plant of our most holy father Francis, a sister and mother of you and the other poor sisters, although unworthy, beg our Lord Jesus Christ through his mercy and the intercession of his most holy Mother Mary and of blessed Michael the Archangel and of all the holy angels of God,

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