Tweeting the Bible: one chapter at a time

Ethel Ware Carter is tweeting the Bible 140 characters at a time here. So far:

Flights of doves and an olive branch. God remembers Noah in the “biblical sense” and smells the sweet savour of offerings. Genesis 8 #RCCAtl

Forgive the hero, you who would have died gladly with all you knew; he rode that tide to Ararat; all are Noah’s sons. R. Wilbur, Genesis 7

5:49 PM Aug 9th via web

#God declares an age limit; our #evil grieves him to his heart. #Noah gets the blueprint. There’s gonna be a floody, floody. Genesis 6

6:40 PM Aug 6th via web

The days of #Adam and his descendants number into 900 years in some system of counting? #Methuselah inspires songs and sayings. Genesis 5

6:22 PM Aug 5th via web

We invent #murder – a brother’s blood cries out. Did you notice being hidden from the face of God was punishment too great to bear? Genesis4

5:29 PM Aug 4th via web

Of a crafty #serpent — wait, I believe this is the story of man’s first #disobedience. Man, woman, was that a #fortunatefall? #Genesis 3

8:51 PM Aug 3rd via web

#TreeofLife, #TreeofKnowledge, and a river runs through it. And ah, bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. #Genesis 2

6:34 PM Aug 2nd via web

First Tweet of a big project, the #Bible. Sound. Lights. Multiply. It was very good! #Genesis 1

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