Day: October 25, 2010

Worth a visit

Two items of note in the Episcopal blogosphere: the Vital Posts blog at was launched one week ago and is picking up steam, and the Rev. Ruth Meyers, chair of the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, has written a summary on the meeting the commission held with members of Province 1 (New England) of the Episcopal Church to discuss the experiences of dioceses in jurisdictions in which same-sex civil marriage is legal.

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Executive Council talks it out

Updated.Until Mary Frances Schjonberg files her story, we will be without a first hand account, but email communication with some of those present suggests that some members of the council thought that the Presiding Bishop was beginning to make the case for a style of governance that concentrated more authority in the hands of bishops and the Church Center staff at the expense of clergy and laity.

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Virtual community

When I consider the carefully crafted emails about deep pastoral issues that appear in my inbox in the middle of the night, I know we cannot ignore the radical changes of the last ten years, nor can we disregard the evolutions in the years to come. Time on the computer is real ministry.

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Heterosexism: A wound in Christ’s body

The Word of God does not shrink from politics, but moves to the heart of human concerns and works continually to redeem them. That means that sometimes we will disagree publicly with one another, that we will fight with one another, and that we can be assured that God is working out our salvation in us and among us in our midst not despite our struggles, but precisely through, with, and in them.

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Interior likeness

Wretched men and women are they who, neglecting the care of their interior, show only exteriorly a form and likeness of holiness, in habit or clothing, in speech and outward carriage and works, casting their eyes upon other men’s deeds, and judging their defects, esteeming themselves to be something, when indeed they are just nothing,

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