Everyday Dance Of Life


A calm and meditative rhythm is what I try to convey in my paintings. It is the meeting of three powerful cultures. The inspiration is the everyday dance of life — the joys, the tribulations, the richness, and the mundane.


In my art I deal with deeper and simple but powerful forces that affect us all. The resulting technique requires an emphasis on the basic shapes of objects rather than the details. Thus a human body is simplified to perhaps a triangle and a circle. The design of characters and the composition are also kept simple.


Color represents life and vitality. The philosophy behind the paintings is an optimistic one with an affirmation of life. This is reflected in the rich and varied colors used. The surface is wrinkled paper on canvas. This gives the paintings their rich texture.


Images above by Sridhar V. Ramasami: Top (and front-page mastheads) — “Ladies of Power”; Next (second) — T54 and Subdued Demon”; Next (third) — “VJ and Cat”; and Final (fourth) — “Three Dancers”

Words above: Artist Statement by Sridhar V Ramasami

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