Day: November 20, 2010

Saturday Collection 11/20/2010

This week’s collection of parish news around the Episcopal Church has a congregation partnering with local business to renovate a homeless shelter, a parish celebrating three hundred years of ministry to a community and youth sleeping outside in the middle of the city in solidarity.

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Gene Robinson regrets Rowan Williams’ decisions

Gene Robinson, in an article that the Daily Mail (in a manner typical for them) headlines “Archbishop of Canterbury has been ‘abducted by aliens’ says bishop in battle over gay clergy” shares his regret over the path the Archbishop of Canterbury has decided to follow in an attempt to hold the Communion together.

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Rethinking the prosperity gospel?

Phillip Jenkins suggests that there might be some advantages to the believer as they practice the teachings of the Prosperity Gospel churches in the developing world. He suggests that the praxis invites the believer to live thrifty, sober lives.

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We are in God

Now rejoice, all ye powers of my soul, that you are so united with God that no one may separate you from Him. I cannot fully praise nor love Him therefore must I die, and cast myself into the divine void, till I rise from non-existence to existence. . . . While I am here, He is in me; after this life, I am in Him.

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