Gene Robinson regrets Rowan Williams’ decisions

Gene Robinson, in an article that the Daily Mail (in a manner typical for them) headlines “Archbishop of Canterbury has been ‘abducted by aliens’ says bishop in battle over gay clergy” shares his regret over the path the Archbishop of Canterbury has decided to follow in an attempt to hold the Communion together.

From the article:

Bishop Robinson who is openly gay and whose sexuality caused controversy when he was elected in 2003, told the Times that Dr Williams is a wonderful human being and a faithful Christian.

But he added:’ I’m not at all sure that his attempts to hold us together as a communion at all costs is the kind of leadership that this time calls for.’

Bishop Robinson claimed Dr Williams had been tougher on the American church and demanded a ‘higher standard’ than in other parts of the world.

The Daily Mail article goes on to characterize this week’s news about five Church of England bishops resigning to join the Ordinariate as a “quitting and converting by five senior bishops”. Which is a bit of stretch even for the Daily Mail. Two of the bishops were retired. The three active bishops were not exactly regarded as senior bishops.

But I suppose that their headline about Alien abduction will get more people to buy the paper than the more accurate and not newsy report that Bishop Robinson disagrees with but still respects the Archbishop.

(And people say that bloggers have no self-restraint.)

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