Day: December 2, 2010

Is the market for Amish romance novels saturated?

“We’re seeing Amish fiction splintering into everything imaginable: Shakers, Puritans,” says Steve Oates, marketing vice president for Bethany House, the Christian publisher whose author Beverly Lewis is the biggest name in Amish fiction. “We call it ‘bonnet fiction.’ You slap a bonnet on the cover and double the sales.”

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Generating enthusiasm for Hanukkah

Christians care about holiday music. Jews, not so much. In Christianity, caroling actually matters. It’s been a part of Christmas for more than 500 years. The first English Hanukkah song, “I had a little dreidel,” is less than 100 years old, and since then, very little else has been produced.

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Church of Canada HQ restructured

The Partnerships department, from which four staff positions were eliminated, focused on three program areas—Partners in Mission, EcoJustice and the Anglican Healing Fund. The primate says this work will now be done in partnership with other churches and overseen by staff in two newly created positions

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Virginia property case: more filings

Judge Bellows ordered additional briefing on three issues: whether the CANA congregations may now demand a jury trial, various issues on the scheduling and order of the upcoming trial, and whether Church of our Saviour, Oatlands will have a separate bench trial.

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Ratzinger failed to deal with pedophile priest says German media

A battle of documents has emerged surrounding the Archbishop Ratzinger’s handling of the case of a pedophile priest in Munich in the 1980s. After the German media received documents of specifics of the case the Vatican this week released documents from the period that painted Ratzinger in a better light.

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Local church

The conviction has been growing for some time past, that steps must be taken to meet the natural desire which the Japanese have for some voice in the management of the evangelistic work in their own country.

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