Church of Canada HQ restructured

The Anglican Church of Canada head offices have undergone what the church’s newspaper calls an “extreme makeover” due to declining revenues from contributions by dioceses.

Restructuring at the Anglican Church of Canada head offices in Toronto has resulted in the closure of the Partnerships department as of November 1.

In all, 14 positions were affected by the restructuring of Church House. Ten positions were eliminated. In some cases, staff were offered different or new positions; six staff received layoff notices. The next year will be used as a transitional year to evaluate the restructuring, said Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, in a meeting with staff.

The Partnerships department, from which four staff positions were eliminated, focused on three program areas—Partners in Mission, EcoJustice and the Anglican Healing Fund. The primate says this work will now be done in partnership with other churches and overseen by staff in two newly created positions….

Read the rest in the Anglican Journal.

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