Day: December 7, 2010


… the gap between computer knowledge of parents and their kids, parents unwillingness to see their children’s bullying as anything other than a joke, teens and parents unwillingness to confront the behavior for fear of more bullying, and authorities – school and police – unwillingness to act leave the internet wide open for abuse.

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How the covenant might work if passed

Meanwhile a heated debate might be underway in England, with questions in Parliament about the possibility that grieving six-year-olds might be told that their beloved grandparents were burning in hell,…

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ABC and nativity scenes

The Christmas story outrageously suggests that putting our hand into the clutch of a baby may be the most important thing we can ever do as human beings – a real letting-go of aggression and fear and wanting to make an impression and whatever else is going on in us that keeps us tied up in our struggle and violence.

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For the peace of Jerusalem

I do love Jerusalem, and I do want peace with her walls. But my prayers don’t stop there; this psalm leads me on a journey that circles the world, touching down in other places, especially those I know and love, where strife threatens the peace and prosperity of their peoples.

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Chief good

While engaged in reading, after resting my mind for a while and desisting from study, I began to meditate on that versicle which in the evening we had sung at Vigils, Thou art fairer than the children of men, and, How beautiful are the feet of them that bring good tidings of Him.

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