The Entire Journey


I have always been moved by the souls of women; their moods, their emotions, their wondrous relationship with Life. First, I am a lover of souls: then I am a painter.


My paintings are not about her human figure; they are about the inner most places of her soul. They are about her humanness – the wonder, the agony, the passion, the fear, the joy, the acceptance, the triumph, the tenacity, and the complete uncertainty of the entire journey.


I want to give voice where voice cannot be spoken or heard. I want to make connection – connections that unabashedly and without fear, open our souls to another.


They are stories we all tell, if we dare to.

Images and words above by Cheri Brackett. Seen on the front-page mastheads and top: “Falconer;” second image: “Naomi;” third image: “Defining Moment;” and fourth image: “Portrait In Green.”

You can see more of Cheri’s work HERE and HERE.

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