Day: February 14, 2011

Competitive theism

Believing that God wants you to be famous actually improves your chances of being famous. What’s helping these stars is not so much religion as belief—specifically, the belief that God favors their own personal, temporal success over that of almost everyone else.

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The Anglican Covenant is not as dead as it looks

It seems to me that Rowan Williams is making slow but significant progress toward assembling a center that he can then play off against the left (constituted by us, the Brazilians, the Scots and maybe the Welsh) and the right (constituted by Nigeria, Uganda, the Southern Cone and a few others.)

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Better never than late

The Anglican Communion Office has at last responded to a letter that the Rev. Lesley Fellows of the No Anglican Covenant Coalition sent to the Archbishop of Canterbury more than two months ago–if you can call a perfunctory reiteration of evasive boilerplate a response.

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Speaking the faith

Even before Prince Ratislav’s request for Byzantines to counter the influence of Frankish clergy operating in his territories, the brothers had embarked on an enterprise of great significance for the future: they devised an alphabet in which Slav language usage could be accurately conveyed.

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