Honoring Home


“Jimpsie Ayres works from a spiritual perspective. Her world view embraces the tenets of many different religions, chiefly Christianity. For her, the underlying force connecting everything in the universe is love, and the energy and emotion present in her paintings are a reflection of her philosophy.” (From her web site bio.)


Writing about her art and her process, Jimpsie says: “I try to honor my home in my work, as I try to acknowledge all the disparate, diverse influences on my life and my ethos. Spirituality and art are one thing for me. The love that underpins and connects us all, the beauty (and pain) of simultaneously being parent and child, the rich texture of old friendships and new. . .these are the lovely, seductive components of the flow of life that I strive to convey.”


She goes on to say “My goal is to paint sincerely, without self-consciousness, and with respect for the materials and craft that carry me. I hope to engender in the viewer a response which will take him or her beyond the confines of everyday existence.”

Images and words above by Jimpsie Ayres. Top (and front-page mastheads): Tobacco Barn in Appalachia; middle: Palapas in Belize; and bottom: Moon in Purple Sky..

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