Day: March 4, 2011

Religious leaders step up in Colorado and Tennessee

Religious leaders are making their voices heard in state houses in Colorado, where 130 religious leaders and clergy in support a Senate bill that would permit same-sex civil unions, and in Tennessee, where Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders oppose a bill that would make following Shariah law a crime.

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Budgets, Leadership, and Public Service

Bishop Lawrence C. Provenzano of Long Island has written about the current disputes between some state governments and their unions. He warns that religious rhetoricis being used to distract the people of God from the real issues of justice and the stewardship of our society’s resources..

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One of Our Own

The Living Church tells the story Cristy Kessler, her fight to beat a combination of auto-immune diseases and the fund set up by her partner, the Rev. Liz Zivanov.

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Mural restoration

NBC’s Today show reported on the restoration work that has begun at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port au Prince, Haiti. The murals depicting Haitians in traditional Biblical scenes were created in the 1940’s and are being restored with help from the Smithsonian Institution.

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Humble, pious, indefatigable

The Indians on Long Island, on the arrival of the white people, were found divided into distinct tribes, or perhaps more properly, collections of families, having different names, and exercising an independent authority or control over separate portions of territory; and these tribes had, moreover, each their chiefs and head men,

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