Day: July 5, 2011

Too kind?

Dave Walker, cartoonist at Church Times (CoE) asks, “Am I too kind to the church?”

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Hoops and hope

Netball, which is similar to basketball, is a popular sport in Malawi. It’s played primarily by girls, and they picked up Carter’s lessons faster than boys, he said. Carter, who plans to play pro ball overseas, said he left with a determination to “re-prioritize my life” and not let any opportunity go to waste.

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ABC has concerns about Kenyan clergy ordained for England

The Archbishop of Canterbury has had the opportunity to speak with the Archbishop of Kenya about the situation: the good faith and fraternal good intentions of our Kenyan colleagues are not at all in question, but it seems that there were misunderstandings of the precise requirements of English Canon Law and good practice as regards the recommendation of candidates for ordination and deployment in mission.

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Residential school students speak out to heal

Residential schools were used to force assimilation by removing aboriginal children from their bonds with their families, cultures, and languages. As well, countless stories of physical, sexual, emotional, and mental abuse have been shared, and many of the effects of this abuse can be felt in aboriginal communities today.

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The long green season

Here on my patio

This July morning

After drenching, cleansing

Storms in the night,

I rest amid birdsong,

Surrounded in green

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Tuesday, July 5

“Now it was Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary, the mother of James, and the other women with them who told this to the apostles. But these

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