Too kind?

Dave Walker, cartoonist at The Cartoon Church and Church Times (CoE) asks, “Am I too kind to the church?”

Today’s question (thanks to Stephen Heard): “Your cartoons, while astute and thought-provoking, are always gentle on us (the Church). Are you ever tempted to be more acerbic or satirical?”

It is kind of you to say that my cartoons are thought-provoking. Sometimes they are, I suppose. But a lot of the time I am simply larking around, expressing a humorous idea with the aim of making people smile when they open the newspaper, which to me is a worthwhile aim in its own right.

My style isn’t particularly satirical. There is, of course, an important place for satirical cartooning, but it isn’t generally something I have chosen to do.

I do draw angrier cartoons, but you don’t generally see them – or if you do I have toned them down to become more palatable.

Click here for examples of Dave’s cartoons.

What do you think? What do you like? Kind? Cynical? Satirical? Probing? When does humor become “not funny” for you?

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