Year: 2011

Video of GTS, +KJS on CBS

In case you missed it, here is the video of the service broadcast on CBS on Christmas Eve from General Theological Seminary with Presiding Bishop

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Sign your name

If you are wondering why your comments don’t show up on the Café – you must sign your name (first and last) to your comments

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For your sermon-ating

The Gadarene Swine Fallacy is the fallacy of supposing that because a group is in the right formation, it is necessarily on the right course; and conversely, of supposing that because an individual has strayed from the group and isn’t in formation, that he is off course.

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Stories of the year

In the next few days, we will be looking back at some of the bigger stories of the year here on the Cafe. (Hint, expect

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Hitting bottom

Perhaps, though, it’s not so odd if we think about the tamarisk and its powers of renewal. Tamarisks survive because of their incredibly deep tap root and their ability to find the deepest possible source of water. They survive and thrive because they know just how far the bottom is, and how deep it has to go to get there.

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The light at the inn

by George Clifford During the winter of 1926, Chicagoan Thelma Goldstein treated herself to her first real vacation, taking a trip to Florida. Being unfamiliar

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Happy to be of service

… the congregation’s three main goals are to be good neighbors to the gay and lesbian community in Hillcrest, helping people who live in Mexico, and being responsible environmental stewards.

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Neither spiritual nor religious

44% told the 2011 Baylor University Religion Survey they spend no time seeking “eternal wisdom,” and 19% said “it’s useless to search for meaning.” 46% told a 2011 survey by Nashville-based evangelical research agency, LifeWay Research, they never wonder whether they will go to heaven.

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