Day: April 19, 2012

Episcopal Café: Today we celebrate our fifth anniversary

Today is the fifth anniversary of Episcopal Café. Five years ago a team of volunteers began posting news stories, commentary, spiritual reflections and artwork provided by Episcopalians from all around the country—and, to a lesser extent, the world. Today we are still at it.

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Easter Here and Now

“This is no commemoration service in which we devoutly recall past events. Quite the contrary, we witness to the original event, more than witnesses—we are

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Exercising “power with”

On the road to Emmaus he did not assert his glory, but instead “opened the scriptures.” It was persuasion that warmed hearts, and brought Thomas to his confession. When we look at our Lord who spent his time preaching and teaching, healing and hobnobbing, and doing almost no commanding, surely we see most profoundly the power of God expressed not in coercion or enforcement, but in the ability to persuade.

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