Day: November 12, 2012

Introducing: The Theology Jukebox

Anyway, listen to the song, and tell us what you think about it in the comments. THEN, send an email to suggesting a popular song that you’d like to nominate for us to feature next Monday night. Tell us what moves you about the work from a theological or spiritual point of view, and we will publish your comments along with a link to a performance of the song. If this catches on, we’ll do it every week.

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Irresistible headline syndrome

Sorry, but when you come across this headline, you can’t pass the story by.

Retired priest, 80, bit 81-year-old fellow clergyman’s ear off in fight over parking space

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+Welby needs a new twitter handle

If his handlers at Lambeth Castle allow him to go on tweeting, @Bishopofdurham is going need a new handle. Do the readers of Episcopal Cafe have some helpful suggestions?

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The latest from the Diocese of South Carolina

A small group of persons representing the breadth of the Diocese has agreed to recruit persons to form a Steering Committee to undertake preparation for a meeting of the Diocesan Convention within the next few months. This follows the pattern set by other dioceses where the former bishop and lay and clergy leaders had left the church.

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Bishop-elect Knisely meets the press

“The Episcopal Church has made very clear that discrimination is unacceptable,” he says. “Speaking as an American citizen, it would be hard for me to imagine why we would want to say to one group of American citizens that they do not have the same rights as other citizens.”

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Two Catastrophes

In some sense, the scriptural witness gives us the same freedom as life itself. Here we have two catastrophes. Both are interpreted as acts of judgment upon a sinful people. In one the prophet mourns; in the other, there is rejoicing.

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