Bishop-elect Knisely meets the press

The Providence Journal has spoken with local blogger made good, the soon-to-be Rt. Rev. Nicholas Knisely, formerly of this establishment, and we are happy to report that he’s handled himself well. For instance:

When the Kniselys had their daughter Kenney baptized as an infant 18 years ago they invited two gay men to be the godparents. It’s no surprise, then, that he has been a long-time supporter of gay rights.

“The Episcopal Church has made very clear that discrimination is unacceptable,” he says. “Speaking as an American citizen, it would be hard for me to imagine why we would want to say to one group of American citizens that they do not have the same rights as other citizens.”

He has strongly supported the church bestowing its blessing on couples in same-sex relationships, and says now that a liturgy for such blessings has been approved by the U.S. church, he expects there will be parishes in Rhode Island offering blessings starting on the First Sun-day of Advent, Dec. 2.

“One big concern now is how we give pastoral support for those who want to live in a lifelong monogamous relationship, and support their families,” he says. “I’ll be talking with the gay and lesbian community to see what makes sense.”

Having worked on the commission that developed a concordat between the Moravian Church and the Episcopal Church, Bishop-elect Knisely says he’s looking forward to working with other faith leaders in Rhode Island.

When religious leaders know each other, he says, it becomes easier for them to act quickly in a scandal or a crisis.

The Journal refers to the Presiding Bishop as Kathleen, rather than Katharine. But it’s a good story otherwise.

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