Day: August 4, 2013

Addicted to prayer

The capacity to make something real is not the same as the capacity to make it good or useful. That’s a caveat to bear in mind for any kind of prayerful life.

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Headline: What the Episcopal Church’s position on gay marriage can teach us about the middle ground

“What Anglicanism can show the world is that commitment is to one another, not commitment to one another’s opinions,” Bishop Johnston said. “We need each other to be fully who we are. The evangelical wing of the church needs the catholic wing of the church, and vice versa. And that’s what I’m proud that Virginia is living out at this time. We need each other to be with and for each other.”

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Safe, not sterile: discussing sex at church

When we talk about sexual abuse in the church, or even sexual harassment in the church, we are talking about an abuse of power, where someone uses his or her institutional authority inappropriately. It’s a terrible thing, and something the church has a grave history with, but it doesn’t mean sex itself is unsafe, or that is should be off limits as a subject of discussion.

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