Year: 2019


I like the Mary I read in our scriptures just like I like the Jesus I read in them.  They were quiet.  Silent mostly, really.

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A Simple Remedy

“I heard a jazz pianist play “Linus and Lucy” from the Charlie Brown TV specials from years ago and felt my shoulders drop in relaxation, the hamster-wheel slow down, and a smile come to my face.  It made me feel like a kid again in a time where things weren’t so tense and scary, where I felt safe and happy, and where I could open the daily paper and find the Peanuts comic strip.”

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Weekend Roundup for Dec 14

Sweet potatoes, restoring native plants, and a communion-wide youth initiative; it’s our weekly roundup of stories from around the church and the world

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Saint Lucy

“We may find ourselves wondering from whence light will come in this troubled world, with its long nights and short and sometimes gray days. Lucy is a turning point, toward a time when the light will overcome the darkness in hours of daylight, but also when the Light will overcome darkness in giving new understanding of God.”

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The Moon and Guadalupe

“During this season in particular, as we wait for the light of Christ to illumine us, and as we light candles on our Advent wreath, I look at that moon under Mary’s feet and think about what a perfect symbol the moon is for what Mary teaches us as a faithful servant of God. Just as the moon itself reflects the light of the sun, Mary’s boldness, agency, and compassion reflects the light of Christ, her son, who was associated with the sun in medieval Christian iconography. The moon with its monthly cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth reminds me of the hope we have in resurrection and new life through Christ.”

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Braving Something New

“Spiritual growth requires patience and self-compassion. Whether we are picking up an instrument or reading the Bible for the first time, trying something new is never easy. It won’t go the way we want it to. Progress will be slower than we hoped.”

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How to pray for a General Election

The offending phrase appears to be, “as we discover your will for our country,” which some object promotes the view that the General Election will be directly decided by the will of God

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An Advent Prayer

“Coming Lord, we wait for you in this season of darkness looking to the light found on trees, on city streets, in candles and wreaths.”

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