Year: 2021

Dr. David C. McDuffie: We the People of the Episcopal Church

While the Gospel is not a political platform, it is a radical message of inclusion with political implications.  For example, women’s equality, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, protections for the poor and marginalized are all important political issues, but they are also at the heart of the Gospel. The Good News of Jesus that has been passed down to us through our tradition is thoroughly progressive, not in terms of lining up perfectly with a political platform but in seeking to ever expand the circle of community and equality.  In the United States, a move toward greater equality in all of these vital issues has been achieved either directly through the voting process or through legislative and judicial decisions built upon a foundational commitment to democratic elections.  

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The Revelation of Glory and Truth

” ‘Twelfth Night’ is a play full of fun and confusion, a parody of the pretensions of the rich and ‘noble.’ Its characters show a reversal of servant-master roles. There are violations of the strict rules of deference toward lords and ladies.”

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From the Daily Sip: Leaving a mark

We all want to “make our mark” on the soft clay of our lives and the lives of others.  The word “humble” comes from the word “humus” or “earth.”  To be in the mud – the dirt – the clay, is a humble place. You should see the mess I make after a day of making 50 tea bowls – clay in my hair, on my glasses, under my fingernails, all over my clothes.

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That First Gaze

“In each case what I remember most, of course, is the child.  Our grandson was handed to us wrapped in a soft, little white blanket, his tiny hands fisting in a way that took my breath away.  He opened his eyes and looked at me, and I knew I would do anything for this little soul.”

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Traumatropism and its Accidental Adherents

“I came across the remains of a tree that appeared to have lost a war with a small boulder. Time and water had exposed this battle, cutaway-style, and several years’ worth of history now lay open to inspection.”

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Presiding Bishop Curry on PBS Newshour

Our presiding bishop, Michael Curry, brings his message of love to PBS Newshour and knocks it out of the park. Must viewing: Following the way of love through divisions, upheaval and uncertainty (7 minutes)

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Fragments on Fragments #25: Being Human in a Pandemic

It’s not possible for society to remain in lockdown indefinitely, either economically or psychologically, even if that might be the perfect solution for protecting the most vulnerable. But neither is it in the least OK to write off those who will be most at risk for the benefit of the economy and those who want to get back to normal and take the risk.

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His Name is My Name, Too

“Getting their son’s name right mattered to Mary and Joseph, also.  Both of them were told before Jesus’ birth the name of the child that we all know as the one who was born in Bethlehem.”

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